Home Computers - Best Practice

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Home Computers - Best Practice


With the trend of business technology heading towards being able to work remotely, it's time to look at how home computer's are managed.  If you let your employees check e-mail or run any other business through their computer's you need to make sure they are secure.



Sophos offer's a great product for anti-virus, Sophos Home and the best part is it is free!  It will protect MAC and PC workstations from malware, viruses, ransomware, and websites.  

Patches & Updates

The next thing to consider in security is keeping the device up to date on patches and updates.  Most cyber attacks come from vulnerabilities found, and most vendors (Microsoft, Apple, Etc) will send out security patches as soon as the vulnerability is known.  

A recent cyber attack was the WannaCry Ransomware and it came in through a vulnerability in the Window's operating system.  The patch was released in March, and people and businesses are falling victim to it because they do not constantly update their machines.  

Always get updates direct from the source, do not get updates from a third party.  That's where a lot of malware is hidden!  For example, if  you need to update Adobe, go straight to Adobe's site and do not update through whatever prompt you get from a website you are accessing.


Lastly, always have some sort of backup solution.  Most home user's have years of family photo's and important documents.  Protect your data from disaster like fire/water damage, hardware failure, Ransomware, and theft.  

There are many solutions to backing up your data.  You could buy a hard drive and manually backup, or you could use a service or do it on the cloud.  The solution would just depend on the end user.


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