Managed IT vs. Break-Fix

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Managed IT vs. Break-Fix

In today's world, technology is the backbone of businesses. This is true across the board, regardless of company size, industry/field, and employee level (newbie to management). We see a few different business approaches that business take. The break-fix, hourly, and managed IT.

The Break-Fix Solution

Are you only getting support when it's broken, on the last leg, and you are scrambling for help. This solution is becoming out dated and very costly to businesses.  

By putting in the cheapest hardware or selecting the cheapest IT vendor, you may save money up front but in the long run it costs your business so much more!  Hardware needs to be repaired frequently and replaced considerably more often.  Labor impacts your business through your employees and their productivity, as well as what you pay your IT vendor.  If your staff is unable to work because of tech complications, and you get charged for each repair, it adds up.  There is no way to budget for this!

Managed IT Services

Let your IT vendor manage your technology so you can focus on running and growing your business!  Strategic planning for technology will set your business above all the competition!

By using a vendor that provides Managed IT Services, you will ensure your business is running smoothly, ready for the future, and on budget!  The vendor should cover all aspects of your business, from basic help desk support to network infrastructure, backups and disaster recovery, security, communication solutions, and so much more.  Set goals for your business and what kind of growth you want, and have a plan for it!  

Vendor experience is a huge thing to consider!  Today everyone has that one friend or family member that can "fix computers."  This is the wrong approach for business!  IT Vendors should have industry experience, specifically enterprise!  If your vendor can not scale their service from a three employee business to a 300+ employee company, then the may not have the knowledge base your business needs.

Your vendor should have a flexible approach to managed IT services, because not all companies are the same!  Rival Technology offers solutions from fully managed, co-managed, and partial-managed with hourly.  We customize a solution that best fits your business!  

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