ShadowProtect SPX - Success Story

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ShadowProtect SPX - Success Story

With today’s technology trends, backups are a priority in the industry.  There are so many cyber attacks that you have to have some sort of recovery plan.  We always push backups with all our support contracts, and even the break-fix clients.  We had a break-fix client that had no backups, older hardware, and no regular patching or maintenance on the devices in the network.  For several months we recommended a backup solution, to no avail.  Then we got the call, they got hit by ransomware.  Luckily it was an older strain, and we were able to decrypt it and get the data back.  It was a close call!  After that scare, they decided to proceed with backups.  Their server was replicated with ShadowProtect SPX with hourly snapshots.  The client still didn’t have any regular patching or maintenance on their equipment.  A few months go by and then we get the call, they got hit again by ransomware.  This time it was the WannaCry strain, one that had just been release the day prior and had a devastating impact worldwide.  There was no decryption tools yet, and they had lost everything.  The server and desktops were patched, and then the data was restored from the backups and they were back up quickly.  StorageCraft has a great product, that is user friendly, reliable, and literally saves the day! 

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