Windows Tech Support

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Windows Tech Support

You get a call from someone stating they are from Windows Tech Support and they want to remove malware.  What do you do?  Give them remote access?  No!  Hang up!

Here are some quick notes:

  • Microsoft will never contact you unless they are auditing licensing, and they would usually contact via email.  They would never contact you about a virus, they have no monitoring on the devices.
  • No one should ever grant permission to remote access without knowing the end user (IE: Your IT Vendor, Accountant, etc).    
  • Hang Up on the person if they call again.  If this becomes a consistent issue, tell them you are reporting their number to the police if they call again.
  • Contact Rival Technology via email or phone letting us know about the potential security risk.
The only way this scam can work, is if someone listens and grants access.  So prevention is key!  Contact Rival today to discuss your security needs!

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